Out of the woods

Raising the profile of a forestry firm.

The challenge

In a densely forested country, it’s easy to miss the wonder of trees, not to mention their place in our environment, economy and wider society.

Forestry management company Scottish Woodlands was keen to shine a light on the woods – and its part in tending them for decades.

Our solution

We turned the rich story of Scottish Woodlands into a lavish, fascinating book.

Drawing on a wealth of photography and striking new graphics, the publication explores the recent history of this overlooked sector – from estate management and timber harvesting to biodiversity and renewable energy.

The result

Distributed to employees across its 16 offices, the book earned its place on coffee tables across the country and helped to foster company spirit in the firm’s 50th anniversary year.

More widely, it is now being successfully used as a marketing tool to introduce stakeholders to Scottish Woodlands’ multiplicity of roles.

“It’s a most impressive work and does full justice to the company’s history. Just the right blend of text and photographs, in a beautifully finished book. It certainly brought back a lot of memories.” – Roger Tozer

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