Primer with a purpose

How we wrote the book on cyber security.

The challenge

Through next-generation security systems, Palo Alto Networks helps thousands of global organisations to prevent cyber breaches. It was keen to showcase its profound expertise in the market.

Our solution

We produced a cyber security ‘bible’ for directors and CEOs concerned about this pressing issue. By interviewing Palo Alto’s experts and structuring their insight into a compelling narrative, we produced a practical and eye-catching book.

The result

According to one top security executive, it’s “the best book I've read on security, governance and risk in years”. Hailed as an essential resource for business leaders, Navigating the Digital Age has successfully established Palo Alto as a leading authority in its field.

“It took me a week to read the Navigating the Digital Age book, which is frankly excellent. I have expressed its quality as a reference to our VP of Security and our CIO.”

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