School of thought

Luring global academics to a Scottish hub.

The challenge

Adam Smith lived there. Now the new owner of Panmure House in Edinburgh’s Old Town is aiming to revive the Enlightenment spirit within its walls.

Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Business School is restoring the building as a hub for the finest global research and discourse. First, however, it had to alert the academic world to its ambitious plans.

Our solution

We came up with a sumptuous magazine to act as a showcase for the business school’s work and Panmure House in particular.

Featuring the school’s experts writing on topical issues that face modern business, the publication was taken from concept to fully realised 32-page design within a month.

The result

Read by some of the top thinkers from Boston to Beijing, the first edition of Panmure House Perspectives has acted as a successful calling-card.

The magazine will be produced biannually, continuing to build the international profile of Heriot-Watt and Panmure House.

“The delivery of the magazine would have been impossible without your creativity, dedication and near-telepathic ability to anticipate what we were looking for. Thank you again for not compromising on style and quality.” – Stuart Allan

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