Charged campaign

Making battery tech simple and sexy.

The challenge

As a topic, batteries might not instantly get the juices flowing. But in the hands of high-growth tech start-up Dukosi, they’ve just got a lot smarter.

Dukosi needed to explain why its intelligent battery technology is not just interesting, but ground-breaking and potentially planet-saving. And they had limited time and resources to make their mark.

Our solution

We came up with an animated video to outline this complex innovation in a compelling fashion that anyone can grasp.

The film and accompanying exhibition materials were turned around from initial brief to finished products in a matter of weeks.

The result

Dukosi is delighted with the video, which is presenting the company’s product on its website and in its HQ reception.

Meanwhile, the collateral is impressing audiences at trade shows across the globe, helping this pioneering Scottish firm to stake its claim on the low-carbon market of the future.

“I have to say, I absolutely love the animated video. I’m so happy with how its turned out, it really does capture Dukosi’s position and USP.” – Yasmeen Alamango

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