Slicker City

Firm sets out to shine in the grey finance market.

The challenge

Over 12 years, The City Partnership has become the most successful corporate services outfit you’ve never heard of. It now provides accountancy, registrar, compliance and corporate administration – among a wealth of other services – to client companies of all sizes.

As it diversified further, the company realised it would need to emerge from the shadows and raise its profile to achieve its new growth ambitions.

Our solution

We created a contemporary brand identity for the partnership, supported by strategic messaging and social media content.

In a risk-averse sector that often errs on the side of blandness, The City Partnership was keen to show its confidence with a bold and distinctive brand personality. We were happy to oblige.

The result

City’s new look and messaging will be unveiled on the technologically advanced website we’re building on the company’s behalf – positioning it perfectly for that next big leap.

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