Aid agency advances

Sharpening up an NGO’s communications.

The challenge

The Aide et Action International network collaborates across continents, promoting access to education as the most powerful way to change societies.

Utterly focused on its mission, the group realised it was falling behind in communicating its work in a compelling way to supporters and potential donors.

Our solution

We adopted a bold new approach for the organisation’s annual report. We were able to add impact and clarity, while emphasising the positive potential of the charity’s work amid sometimes distressing circumstances.

We also edited video footage for the charity – optimising material from the field to create concise, compelling films that inspire social media users to donate.

The result

Aide et Action International is benefiting from marketing collateral that stands comparison with those of the biggest and slickest aid organisations. We are now helping it to revise its other platforms in similar fashion.


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“Thank you once again so much for all your hard work on this long project! You were truly amazing – a gem to work with!”

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