Strong foundations
Reporting the work of The Kofi Annan Foundation.



The Kofi Annan Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation, established in Switzerland in 2007 by the late former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The Foundation seeks a fairer and more peaceful world, where no one is left behind, democratic principles and the rule of law are upheld, and divides are bridged through dialogue and international cooperation. As we all found ourselves in a global pandemic we saw communications change as fast as the world around us and the need for digital communications that are more suited for screens became ever more apparent.

Firstly we switched from A4 portrait double page spreads to A4 landscape single pages – designed for optimal performance on screens. Every aspect of the content was maximised for primarily desktop viewing. Next we ever so gently evolved the existing brand guideline stylings to ensure that it stayed fresh and engaging.

The new documents displayed changes of pace and varied layouts which carry the reader through sometimes heavy-weight insight with a lightness and balance ensuring they are engaged and informed at every step. The Foundations work is near more important than now and their message will be delivered clearly.