Daring to innovate differently
Delivering effortless energy efficient GaN solutions.


After almost a decade of leading-edge research and development at Cambridge University, CEO Giorgia Longobardi and her team were ready to launch their new business start-up Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD). As a start-up they needed to project a dynamic, contemporary and professional image which announced their presence in the market as serious players.

Intrinsic firstly set about supercharging CGD’s messaging, emphasising exactly what made them better than their competitors with an unignorable clarion call which sounded their arrival on the scene. A smart logo and colour scheme followed which positioned them at the top end of the scene. Now it was time to interview the experts and capture the complex technical nature of the business and distill it into clear, concise and compelling content. The final stage was to wrap all of this up in a compact and stylish website showcase CGD at it’s very best. And they ARE the best, CGD’s power design engineers had developed a range of Gallium Nitride transistors that are over 100 times faster, lose 5 – 10 times less power and are 4 times smaller than existing silicon equivalents. The possibilities and range of potential applications for these transistors is almost endless in this increasingly digitally connected world.

A young and hugely ambitious business launched into public awareness with a powerful presence which charmed and informed in equal measure. CGD are ready for business and it will be fascinating to see what they can achieve. They’re definitely ‘GaN’ places fast.