Smoking hot!


Exhale Technologies – a start-up based in Glasgow – chose Intrinsic in 2020 to create an enormous suite of brand identities, packaging solutions, a website and marketing communications to launch their new brand WholeNic. WholeNic delivers the satisfaction of smoking using modern, reduced harm delivery methods. The ambition and scale of their launch was truly a ‘blank canvas challenge’ and one we accepted with relish.

This had to be a best in class solution. The market is saturated but not exactly awash with powerful considered design. Firstly we established a strong company brand DNA from which every other aspect of this huge campaign would be projected. Three flavoured brands and two core brands all required unique identities while clearly presenting a visual continuity within the full brand suite. We set out to offer WholeNic it’s own distinct place by fully focussing on the power of  well designed graphics. The ‘small’ challenge of course was scale – the bottles and boxes are tiny in comparison to most products on shelves. These designs had to fight to be seen while staying clean, ethical, refined and professional.

Six months of design and development yielded a spectacular result. Fifty six variant designs for labels and boxes for five brands hit the shelves in 2021. The multitude of packs were finished with metallics, spot varnishes and embosses. A project which was perhaps the most challenging of a long career also managed to shine brighter than most we’ve ever worked on.